NY Aquarium at Coney Island – Survey and Report

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NY Aquarium Survery and Report 5

NY Aquarium at Coney Island

Project: Survey and Report
Industry: Recreational

Superstorm Sandy in 2012 caused catastrophic damage to the NY Aquarium located on Coney Island.  The high tide and storm surge flooded exhibits and research buildings, filling basements and first floors with seawater.  The surge drove beach sand into buildings shattering window glass and doors.  Building basements were filled with sand.  Aquatic exhibits with sea animals were flooded killing many of the animals.  Building mechanical and electrical systems were rendered inoperative as sea water shorted circuits, damaged electrical circuit breakers, flooded HVAC equipment, overflowed animal exhibit tanks, destroyed aquatic pumping systems, destroyed environmental control systems for the exhibits, filled plumbing drain lines with sand, etc. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) engaged Lizardos to assist with the task of rebuilding the Aquarium.  Lizardos engineers donned haz-mat suits to enter the devastated buildings to survey and make a conditional assessment of the damage to the mechanical and electrical systems.  For many systems Lizardos developed testing procedures to assess and quantify the damage.  From the survey and testing data, Lizardos prepared an extensive assessment report, documenting the damage, recommending repairs and replacement equipment, and estimating the cost for the work.

Based on the report, the WCS then hired Lizardos to prepare equipment purchase specifications for replacement equipment and to prepare contract documents for repair and replacement of the key mechanical and electrical equipment in the many buildings at the Aquarium.  Equipment to be replaced included new electrical service and distribution equipment, conduit and conductors, new HVAC air handling units, hydronic heating system pumps and piping, distribution ductwork and piping, new water heaters and plumbing systems, fire sprinkler stations and piping.  Lizardos engineers assisted the WCS with filing of permits for the work, assisted in bidding the contracts, and procuring qualified contractors to perform the work.  During construction, Lizardos reviewed shop drawings, inspected construction, assisted FEMA with funding requirements, and witnessed equipment and system startup.